What is Positive Dog Training?

Positive dog training (also called Positive Reinforcement Training) uses rewards to encourage the behavior that you are looking for. Instead of punishing bad behavior, we concentrate on teaching your dog to make good decisions by rewarding the behavior that we want to see, and teaching substitute behaviors for behaviors that we don’t want our dog to indulge in. 


  • You feel GOOD about training your dog! 
  • You BUILD your relationship with your dog. 
  • Your dog will become more CONFIDENT.
  • You will be TEACHING YOUR DOG TO MAKE GOOD DECISIONS. (I promise that you will be amazed when you see your dog working through a problem and choose the correct behavior!)
  • Positive Training allows you to provide a safe learning environment for a fearful or shy dog. 
  • Positive training provides an opportunity for the whole family or household to participate in training.

Some training scenarios to compare techniques: 

Behavior: Jumping up on people

  1. Punishing the behavior using an aversive like a shock collar – The dog jumps up and by the time you click the button to deliver the shock, her feet are back on the floor. You have just inadvertently punished the behavior that you were trying to train instead of jumping. 
  2. Ignoring the behavior- This ONLY works if EVERYONE that you encounter is on board. The first two days go great! Everyone is totally ignoring the behavior: no verbal, physical response beyond turning away. Great!! Keep it up!! A friend comes over and your dog jumps up, they push the dog away or say “NO!” or “OFF!”. Now the dog has been rewarded with attention for the behavior and you have to start all over again with the process of ignoring the behavior which is called using the Extinction method. 
  3. Positive Reinforcement: We choose a behavior that we would like to see instead of jumping up….. maybe a sit. That would work. It is incompatible with jumping on someone. With someone holding the leash, we approach the dog and when she sits, we click and treat. If she jumps, we step back and do not give her a treat. Over time, she will learn that to get a treat, she has to sit and that jumping gains no reward. This creates a long lasting behavior pattern that your dog has chosen. 
Nova scotia duck tolling retriever dog

What can Positive Dog Training Accomplish?

The sky is the limit! Our first question when you begin your training journey is what are the five best things about your dog? After working through the variables, our last request is that you DREAM BIG! 

Applications for Positive Dog Training:

  • Getting your puppy or adolescent dog started on the right paw! Teaching you to teach them for life.
  • Helping the Shy or Fearful Dog become more confident in the world. (Ask me to tell you Sandy’s story!)
  • Helping your reactive dog learn how to handle her emotions and engage in appropriate behaviors.
  • To help with problem behaviors like barking, pulling on leash, jumping up on guests and so much more!
An elder woman with her dog playing

How Can Seventh Heaven Help You?

We offer Private classes in home or on site at our Great Falls Training Center: 

  • Puppy Class
  • Foundations
  • Basic Manners
  • Intermediate Manners
  • Loose Leash Walking

Customized Training: 

  • On and Off Leash Reactivity
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Common Behavior issues from barking to jumping, and anything else you need help with! We design a program to meet you and your dog where you are! 

If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation, choose an appointment in the calendar for the area closest to you. If your area is not listed, call and see if we can get out to your area at 571.389.0091!