Seventh Heaven Pet Care Services

Seventh Heaven Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services

Seventh Heaven Pet Care offers Regular and On-Demand Dog Walking services. We offer a full line of specialty walks such as Adventure Walks, Behavior Walks for dogs with specific behavioral issues that require a little more training, and basic walks to give your pet a quick break during the day or night. We also offer Training Walks on the Training side so that your pet can learn new skills and get the exercise or break that they need.

Seventh Heaven also offers Pet Sitting for all types of pets from Dogs & Cats to Birds & Exotics. We provide hourly Pet Sitting In Your Home. You can select the length and type of appointments that work for you and your pet from 20 minute visits to Overnight and full day care. We will work with you to create an optimal plan for keeping your pet safe & healthy while you are away.

You can use the convenient, Time To Pet App on your phone or computer to book, track, and pay for your visits or walks and to communicate with your Pet Care Specialist or the Seventh Heaven Main Office!

All of our Pet Care Specialists are Insured, Bonded, Background Checked and have had training in the animal care categories that they provide. Several members of the Team are getting Fear Free Certified so that they can provide an extra level of care. 

Seventh Heaven Dog Training Services

Seventh Heaven Dog Training Services currently include Fear and Force Free In-Home and On Site Private Training Sessions as well as Training Walks. The great thing about working with Seventh Heaven Training is that you will be able to count on the fact that if you use Seventh Heaven Pet Care for Dog Walking or Pet Sitting, they will be trained to used the same cues and Fear Free methods when working with your dog!

We are currently offering:

  • In-Home Customized Training where you set the pace with the skills that you are interested in teaching your dog. 
  • Customized Programs to deal with Separation Anxiety in your pets. 
  • On-Site Customized Reactivity Training for dogs that have reactivity issues with other dogs, people or in particular situations. We combine Desensitization sessions in a controlled environment with basic and advanced leash handling skills for Owners and Impulse Control Skills for the dogs! 
  • In-Home Basic Manners Classes that cover skills that will make living with your dog so much easier and more fun!
  • Training Walks, which are customized to your needs and include 3 parts: 
    • A training session at the beginning of the walk. 
    • The walk with work on the skill interspersed.
    • A learning game session at the end of the walk. 


We will be adding more Training opportunities in the coming months, including On-Site Puppy Socialization Classes, Advanced Manners, and More! 


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