Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Service: Please be sure to note the Extended Service Area Fees which will be added to the standard service rates. Rate
Initial Consultation Fees
Initial Consultation Fee for Dog Walking or Pet Sitting Services (Up to 45 min consultation) $20.00
Initial Consultation Fee for Dog Training Services (Up to 1 ½ hour consultation) $100.00
Convenience and Holiday Fees
Convenience Fee (Requests made with less than 24-hour notice. May be waived by the Pet Care Specialist.) $10.00
After Hours/Early Morning Fee (From 9PM-6AM) $15.00
Holiday Surcharge (One charge per day) $25.00
Basic Dog Walking Services: These rates are for Basic Dog Walking Services.
20 Minute Dog Walk (Minimum time) $23.00
30 Minute Dog Walk $25.00
45 Minute Dog Walk $28.00
1 Hour Dog Walk $32.00
1 hour ½ Dog Walk $38.00
Specialized Dog Walking: These rates are for specialized Fear Free Behavior Management and Off-Site Walking Services. A $25 charge will be added for transportation if needed for the walk and the client will have to complete a Transportation Waiver of Responsibility. For more information see a detailed description in the policies section.
20 Minute Dog Walk $28.00
30 Minute Dog Walk $32.00
45 Minute Dog Walk $36.00
1 Hour Dog Walk $40.00
1 hour 30 Min Dog Walk $49.00
2 Hour Dog Walk $57.00
Dog/ Mixed Pet Sitting: This service includes dog sitting and mixed pet households. You are charged for the block of time and then $3 for each additional pet.
20 Minute Pet Sit $23.00
30 Minute Pet Sit $25.00
45 Minute Pet Sit $28.00
1 Hour Pet Sit $32.00
1 Hour ½ Pet Sit $38.00
4 Hour Pet Sit $68.00
8 Hour Pet Sit $128.00
Overnight Pet Sit $75.00

15 Minute Pet Visit

(Only available for late night let outs. If after 9:00 PM, there is an additional Late Night Fee.)

Cat Sitting and Small Animals: Cat Sitting visits include refreshing food & water, once daily litter box scooping, playtime or check for signs of life. Small animal services include feeding and refreshing water, changing or spot cleaning substrate and doing a health check. Both services include checking the mail & bringing in packages and cleaning up any cat related messes in the home.
20 Minute Cat Sit (Minimum time) $21.00
30 Minute Cat Sit $23.00
45 Minute Cat Sit $26.00
1 Hour Cat Sit $30.00
Birds: This service is performed by staff who have been trained in or have experience with Birds. Additional pet fees are charged at $3 per enclosure, but in some instances, we can work out a fixed rate.
Bird Sitting 20 minutes (Minimum) $27.50
Bird Sitting 30 Minutes $31.25
Bird Sitting 45 Minutes $33.75
Bird Sitting 1 Hour $35.25
Medication and Vet Visits:
Medication Administration $3.00
Subcutaneous Injection $7.00
Vet Visit (Up to one hour) $25.00
Vet Visit Every Additional 10 Minutes $10.00
Transportation, Supply Pick-up & Key Services: For transportation services, clients must sign a Transportation Waiver of Responsibility
Pet Pickup/ Drop-Off $25.00
Supply/ Medication Pickup (Misc. fee for actual purchase added on invoice.) $20.00
Key Pickup/Drop Off/ Duplication Fee $10.00
House Sitting/ Plant Watering
20 Minute House Sitting/ Plant Watering $18.00
30 Minute House Sitting/ Plant Watering $21.00



Discounts for Regularly Scheduled Walks:

Discounts will be offered for regularly scheduled walks with a minimum of 3 walks per week to full weeks.

Full Week walks: 10% discount on the total invoice for the week.

3 days per week: 5% of the total invoice for the week.

*this discount is based on the consistent service and if there is an interruption in regular service the discount will not be offered.


Cancellation Policy:

There is no charge for Cancellations made with more than 1-week notice. Trips that are cancelled within a week of the initial visit are subject to a charge of 25% of the total trip. This is the decision made by the Pet Care Specialist scheduled to take care of your pets. If an appointment is cancelled 24 hours or less before the appointment, it is up to the Pet Care Specialist whether they will charge 100%, 50% or no charge. The exceptions are medical emergencies and weather conditions that cause the County or Federal Government to close.

Convenience Fee for Service Requests Made 24 Hours or Less Before the Requested Service:

Requests made less than 24 Hours or Same Day will be assessed this fee. Your Pet Care Specialist may choose to waive this fee, but as we expand and everyone’s schedule gets booked up, it becomes more important to make sure that there is time to take the proper care of every pet on the schedule. Exceptions will be made for Medical Emergencies as a rule.

Late Night/ Early Morning Fees: Any visits between the hours of 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM will be considered Late Night/ Early Morning Visits. There is a $10 additional fee for visits in this time window since it makes for a long day for our Pet Care Specialists, and this is an added incentive to make sure these late visits are covered. We have periodically had requests from people who work the night shift to do 1 AM regularly scheduled walks. A request like this would be treated on an individual basis and the Pet Care Specialist may want to negotiate an increase in that fee since this is such an unusual hour to be up and driving to care for a pet.

Specialized Walking Services: Fear Free Behavior Management Walks are designed for dogs with issues such as reactivity and pulling, or separation anxiety. These walkers are specifically trained in using Fear and Force Free methods when walking your dog. I will work directly with them for several weeks to teach them how to respond to the specific needs of your dog(s).

Policies Regarding Notification of Return from Your Trip:

It is very important that we confirm that you have arrived home after your trip so that we can be sure that a non-scheduled visit is not required to feed or let out your pet. It is easiest if you let us know through the app so that the Office can see that there is no need to schedule an Emergency Visit that is the same length of time as previously scheduled visits at the same general time. You may also choose to text the last person who was caring for your pet. They will leave and text a picture of a postcard reminding you to confirm your arrival home. If an Emergency Visit is scheduled, you will be charged the full fee for the visit and a $25 Convenience Fee. This is a part or our commitment to making sure that your pets are safe and happy.

Extended Service Areas:

Our Main Service Area includes: Herndon, Reston, Sterling, Vienna, Cascades, Oakton & Potomac Falls.

Extended Service Areas are charged at a higher rate for certain visits to assure coverage and reliable backup service since we have no local staff in these growing areas and the ultimate substitute base is in Reston. These areas are subject to change as we grow and add new coverage areas or increase the availability of services in these areas.

15% increase – Fairfax, Chantilly, Great Falls, Falls Church, Tysons, Ashburn & South Riding

20% increase – Annandale, Aldie, Leesburg, Centerville, Winchester

Our Pet Care Specialists:

All Seventh Heaven Pet Care Specialists complete a background check biannually which is kept on file in the office, their references are checked, they carry their own Pet Sitting Insurance and Bond in addition to being Bonded through Seventh Heaven.

Seventh Heaven provides all Pet Care Specialists with access to up to date information and training opportunities.