Spring 2020: A Whole New World.

My Beloved Grey

With Covid -19 in the picture, this Spring is shaping up to be much more complicated than any of us had expected. Vacations are canceled, ceremonies for Graduation are canceled. Social distancing has become the new norm and it is hard to get a handle on when we will be able to return to any semblance of a “normal” life. Those of us who are lucky enough to have pets have been comforted by them and some of us even welcomed new pets into our family! What a perfect time to train a new puppy!

Spring is Here!  Tips for making sure you and your pets are safe and comfortable

Although the weather is on its typical Spring roller coaster, pollen is everywhere! Pets bringing potential Allergens into the home is a concern for Pet Owners with sensitivities. You can find tips on how to handle and their potential reactions to environmental allergens in Spring Tips for Pets.

There is also information to help you garden safely for your pets. Not all of our pets love to chew on the plants in our garden, but for those who do, we need to be extra careful! I always think about the time that I planted catnip and put it out on my parent’s deck as a teenager. The chaos that ensued taught me never to do that again! Needless to say, we were a popular stop on the local cat population’s nightly journey!

Also, please be sure to get started on your Pet’s Flea & Tick Regimen. I will be putting together a post on Flea & Tick Prevention options later this month.

Covid-19 Discounts and Other Programs

Due to the current situation with Covid -19, we are offering several discount and special programs. You can visit our Special Offers and Referral Program Page for more detailed information, but here are some of our programs:

  • For more information on strategies to maintain social distancing and keep you, your pets, and our Pet Care Specialists safe, please take a look at our Covid-19 Best Practices Information. You will find the document, which is a starting point for developing your personal plan, about halfway down the page. During the Covid-19 Crisis,
    • Seventh Heaven will waive Convenience Fees for last-minute cancellations or bookings.
    • Seventh Heaven will waive the Initial Consultation fee (a value of $20).
    • New Clients will recieve 10% off of the first invoice.
  • We have a great program aimed at supporting Animal Foster Organizations. Seventh Heaven gives the Organization that helped you find your pet 5% of your future invoices as a monthly donation. This way we can help support their great work!
  • Our Referral Program offers you a chance to earn $25 for each Referral.

As always, we welcome you to join us on Facebook and share some of the pictures of your pets.

Stay safe and we hope to be seeing you soon!

Jenny Stevens, Owner