Pet Problems Solved: Dog in the Kitty Litter

Problem: Dog in the Kitty Litter

November 7, 2018

So your dog is constantly getting into your cat’s food (not great nutritionally) and into the litter box for a “snack” (It is on the surface disgusting and more importantly not good for your dog, could cause a g.i blockage or upset tummy.) You are not interested in cutting a hole in your door to install a cat door, and there is just not a good place for the food off of the floor. What do you do?

It may be important to first answer the question, why is my dog doing this? I found a great article on the American Kennel Club site that provides answers. Check it out! AKC Why Dogs Eat Poop

In my home, I was able to simply switch to a top entry litter box due to the size of my dog and that I supervise mealtimes. No pets in my house are grazers, but this solution is not possible for everyone and on a visit to a client in Great Falls, I found another great solution that they told me I  could share with you. First a picture, and then I will explain the setup:

The left half of the photo shows an adjustable hook and eye which can be ordered online. The technical name for the hardware is an adjustable stainless steel thread turnbuckle. It is typically used for wire fencing. You will also need an eye pad strap and eye screw. All of the parts can be ordered on Amazon for about $26. 

The owner set up the space for the kitty (in this case, in the laundry room) and then adjusted the turnbuckle so that the cat could get through, but it was too small for the dog. It works great!

If you are dealing with this problem and have not found a good solution for your space yet, keep checking back as I am always getting new ideas from clients, and switch to a corn or wheat based litter so that even if your pup gets access to the litter, it will not be consuming clay (blockage hazard) or other potentially toxic items.

If you have any comments or can submit any other ideas for fellow pet owners, please share!

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