Qualified Bird Care

A lot of different types of birds together

If you are looking for someone who is qualified to do bird sitting, you have found them!  About a year ago, I began working with a client who had many different types of birds. This started a desire within me to learn more and become more familiar with birds. 

I began volunteering on the weekends at TC Feathers Aviary. What an amazing experience! Tammy and Carrie were so wonderful and, excuse the pun, took me under their wing, allowing me to learn more about birds and become more comfortable with handling them. I learned about diet, detecting illness or stress reactions, what to do in basic first aid situations with birds, and more. They encouraged me to pursue certifications, including through the American Federation of Aviculture and through PIJAC ( Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council). I was able to complete the certification process several months ago and learned so much. 

Bird Sitting Services

I offer bird sitting services in your home. If you have too many birds to board, or do not want to have to get all of them tested for boarding, I offer a solution.

I will come to your home and check in on, feed, and do a health check on your birds. I will also make sure that the cage is clean and that they get some socialization. If you have a specific safe area where you would like them to be able to get out and exercise, I am willing to manage their activity and make sure that they are safely back in the cage. 

Also, I offer cage cleaning services and daily or regularly scheduled socialization sessions for your bird.