Resources for Pet Owners

Feeding your Pets

Here are some highly recommended options for feeding your dogs:

Dog Food: I can’t recommend the Annamaet line of dog food enough! They have made a huge difference for my Wheaten Terrier with a very sensitive stomach and come in several formulas based on your dog’s preferences and food sensitivities! Here is a link if you want to find out more: Healthy Dog Food – Annamaet Pet Foods

Supplements: Annamaet has some really good supplements. I use the Endure Supplement for both dogs and the Impact Supplement for Layla. Here is the link to the supplements information: Supplements – Annamaet Pet Foods

You all know that I swear by pumpkin for upset tummies. I recently found a terrific dry pumpkin supplement that is really effective and useful if your dog has ongoing tummy issues or for flare ups. FiRM UP! – Diggin Your Dog. They also carry a Pumpkin and Cranberry formula which is great for cats as well. 

Training Treats: I have tried so many treats and have recently settled on Dog Food | Ziwi Pets for high quality treats. They are easy to break up and a big bag lasts for quite a while! I like the Venison and the Lamb and Mackerel. I also usually have a bag of the chicken on hand, but many of my clients have dogs with sensitivities, so I switch them up based on the dietary restrictions of the pets that I am dealing with. 

TC Feathers Aviary is a great place to go for high quality food, bird accessories, to talk to the knowledgeable and kind Owners, Tammy & Carey, and meet other great bird owners!

They offer boarding services and grooming services, including wings and nails. They offer beak trimming on a case by case basis and also offer DNA testing!

Check them out at:

TC Feathers Aviary

Useful Links

  • The Animal Behavior Wellness Center , based in Fairfax, VA a great resource for Fear Free Training and Puppy Classes. When you need more than just a trainer. Dr. Pike is a Certified Veterinary Beahviorist which means that she can help you with both a behavior modification plan and possibly medication to solve your pet’s problems. 
  • This is a submission from Alyssa in Ms. Jones’ Class at Learning Haven! Pedestrian Safety – Walking Your Dog
  • This page has so much valuable information for Pet Owners! Fear Free Happy Homes
  • Great Resources for anyone bringing a new baby home or a new puppy to a home with small children: Family Paws
  • The Pet Safety Crusader this is such a terrific resource for any first aid or safety questions that you might have about your pet. I strongly recommend getting the Pet Safety Bible if you have a Dog or Cat in your home. There are also versions for small pets and birds. 
  • The Indoor Cat Initiative this site has a wealth of information about cats and helping them have happy and satisfying lives in doors. 

Building your library of Pet Knowledge!

With all of the studying I have been doing, I have found some terrific books for every pet owner! Here is a list! Check back as there will be more books added over time. 


The Parrot Problem Solver: Finding Solutions to Aggressive Behavior by Barbara Heidenreich. This book has a wealth of information, not only techniques for helping with problem behaviors, but information about the natural world of the wild parrot, cues for reading parrot body language. and more!


From Fearful to Fear Free: A Positive Program to Free Your Dog from Anxiety, by Marty Becker, DVM, et al. This is a great resource for anyone bringing a puppy home, owners who have dogs with all types of anxiety related issues, including thunderstorm or noise phobias, Separation Anxiety, fear of people or other dogs, and so much more! 

Be Right Back: How to Overcome Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety and Regain Your Freedom, by Julie Naismith. This is a wonderful guide to working through Separation Anxiety issues and gives practical advice as well as resources for support. 

Meet Your Dog the Game-Changing Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior, by Kim Brophey. This book really will help you to understand your dog’s behavior in a brand new way! It is helpful, not just in problem solving, but in choosing the dog that is right for you and maybe helping a friends choose the right breed for their lifestyle!