Seventh Heaven Rates and Services 

This is a list of basic services. If you are interested in longer visits, scheduling ongoing service packages, or have other special needs for services, please feel free to contact Seventh Heaven by phone or email. We look forward to working with you! 
Dogs: Service includes either walking or let out and play time. Longer visit required if feeding a meal in addition to exercise. 
20 Minutes (minimum visit) $ 18.00 $3.00 Each additional pet  
30 Minutes $ 20.00 $3.00 Each additional pet  
45 Minutes $ 23.00 $3.00 Each additional pet  
Cats: Service includes play time, scooping litter, wiping down littter box access point & lid, cleaning area around the box & feeding. 
20 Minutes (minimum visit) $ 17.00 $3.00 Each additional pet  
30 Minutes $ 19.00 $3.00 Each additional pet  
Small Animals in Enclosures (Includes Feeding, light cage cleaning, and exercise if indicated.)
20 Minutes (minimum visit) $ 17.00 $3.00 Each additional pet  
30 Minutes $ 19.00 $3.00 Each additional pet  
Overnight Stays: Include Evening Dinner Visit, Late Night arrival, Overnight in-home service, and Breakfast service.
Charge per night $  70.00 $5.00 Each additional pet 
Additional Fees & Services
Initial Consultation Fee $ 20.00 
Cancellation Fee on Extended Sits  $ 25.00 Less than 2 Day notice 
Key Pickup/ Drop off Fee/Duplication Fee $ 10.00 
Holiday Fee $ 25.00 See Holiday Schedule on line 
Medication Administration $ 3.00 Per Pet 
Injection  $ 5.00 Per Injection 
Subcutaneous Fluid $ 10.00 Per Dose 
Vet Visit/ Supply Purchase $  25.00 First 30 minutes 
Vet Visit/ Supply Purchase $ 5.00 Every additional 5 minutes 
Extended Service Area Rates $ 7.00 For every 10 miles beyond 20 miles 
Pet Pick up/ Drop off $ 25.00 Billed for each trip 
Birds and Exotic Pets
Visits include: Health Check, Feeding, Socializing, dish cleaning, and socializing.
If you want to add extra time to the visit and leave very specific instructions for time out of the cage(s) for your pet, and have a safe space for exercise, we can schedule a practice run before your scheduled visit and I can give them a chance to exercise. 
Some birds might benefit from regularly scheduled socialization sessions in order to cut down on attention seeking behaviors. 
20 Minutes (Minimum) $ 22.00  
30 Minutes $ 25.00  
45 Minutes $ 27.00  
1 Hour $ 30.00  
Cage Cleaning: Prices below are for basic cleaning. Deep or initial cleaning will be based on the time it takes using the rate scale for visits. The owner is responsible for providing cleaning supplies. Price is per cage.
Small $ 25.00 
Medium $ 35.00  
Large (Floor to Ceiling) $ 55.00