Sandy’s Story

There are times in your life when just the right animal comes along and changes everything for you and your family and you are able to give the gift of love and security to this amazing new family member.

Before I even started thinking about this business and was running a home daycare, my 13 year old son asked for a dog. I advised him to go out into the neighborhood and get dog walking and dog sitting jobs (I was certainly his backup) so that he could learn about the time and effort that it takes to take care of a dog. We had always had cats, but that is a whole different thing. Eventually, he accepted a job from a neighbor who needed us to watch a Wheaten Terrier Puppy that she bought as a gift for her son for about two weeks until his birthday. We took her in and as it turned out, she was not a great fit for the neighbor.

She was 14 months old, very anxious, not house trained, not leash trained, and did not get along with her older Wheaten. The owner made the painful choice that she was going to have to take her back to the breeder, but my whole family had fallen in love with her (maybe not the cats), so we found a way to keep her.

The timing was right because my partner’s father was very ill and soon after we got her passed away. Sandy was a great comfort to Chris and helped to pull him through that dark time. I spent lots of time training her and she taught me so much. After putting in the time, she became the perfect dog. She is loving, sweet, super obedient, calm and just a joy for all of us!

If you have a great story about your pet, please share it with us! I plan on creating a library of stories from owners for everyone to enjoy!