Seventh Heaven Dog Training Services

Seventh Heaven Pet Care Trainers believe in using humane and positive training methods. Using a structured approach aimed at giving you the tools to solve problems or teach your dog exciting new skills even after you are done working with our trainers is our primary goal. During our One-on-One sessions, we will work with you to meet your goals. We pull from a variety of techniques to meet your dog’s needs. Seventh Heaven will be with you all the way on your training journey and we love to incorporate the whole family in the process, making your learning journey fun and rewarding! 

One-on-One Training Sessions will generally take place in your home and are customized to your pet’s needs. You can also take it online if you want to train virtually for a session or more! 

Custom Reactivity Training is for dogs who are reactive in a variety of settings: on leash, in the home, at the park, or exhibit fears that are severe enough to interfere with their lives. 

Separation Anxiety Behavior Modification this can be a long road, but Seventh Heaven Trainers will be right there with you and there is no time like NOW to get started! 

Private Classes:

  • Puppy classes 
  • Basic Manners
  • Loose-Leash Walking Boot Camp

A word from one of our satisfied clients!

Sean Henry
Sean HenryOwner of Miles
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I've been an on/off client of Jenny's amid post-pandemic, late 2021. Her dog walking services are great with a scheduling app to help communicate services requested and status updates. A few months ago, when she sent out an email blast saying she was expanding her services into specialized dog training 1-on-1, I was very excited to get on board, and it did not disappoint! She makes the experience very personal, fun, and all-around great person to work with and I learned so much from her and her team. As a dog owner, I'm happy with her service and look forward to continued business. Talk to her if you want to make a personal training plan for your dog and she'll help you out!

Our Training Team is Amazing!