Welcome to the Seventh Heaven Reston Pet Owner Guide! This page will contain useful information for Reston Pet Owners regarding great places to go with your pets, rules and regulations for pets in Fairfax County and Reston, and resources for Pet Owners. Reston. Check back in the coming weeks as information is added to this page. 

Reston Walking Trails

One of the great things about Reston is all of the green space and the walking trails. Here is the link to the map of Reston Association trails which are great places to walk with your pet and explore the lakes. If you are really up for some fun, you can take your pet to kayak around Lake Audubon or Lake Anne! Here is a map of Reston, including parks and recreation centers.

Seventh Heaven will be scheduling group walks all around Reston so that dog owners have a chance to get to know one another and owners of other pets can enjoy a walk with a great group of people and maybe discover a new path! You can check our Calendar for upcoming events!

Dog parks are a great option for socializing dogs and letting them run as Fairfax County has leash laws and they are very strict, particularly on trails (most of the paved trails are not safe for having dogs off leash in any case since there is significant bicycle traffic on the main trails.) Baron Cameron Dog Park is our local park, but here is a list of all of the neighboring Dog Parks as well!

As we all know, Dog Parks are places where we have to pay attention to what is going on at all times as I am sure that you have heard stories of dogs being injured at dog parks just as I have. Overall though, if your dog enjoys socializing with other dogs, they can be a great place to romp and play!