Dog Walking Services

20 Minute Dog Walk or Let Out
$18.00 ($3.00 per additional pet)
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It is not always easy keeping up with our canine family members! Wherever you live, making time to make sure that our dogs get the amount of exercise and social interaction that they need can be tough! I walk dogs as part of my job and sometimes struggle with finding time to get my dog out for long walks. It is a struggle when you are working outside of the home, taking care of young kids, struggling with illness or many other scenarios.  I am here to help!

I have worked with and am comfortable with all sizes, temperments, and types of dogs, even those with physical or training challenges. Here are some of our rates, if you are looking for more time, we can work out a custom plan for your pet.

Seventh Heaven Dog Walking Services include regularly scheduled or short term Walking Services. 

Once you have established your Seventh Heaven Online Account using the Time to Pet App you can:

  • Schedule your walks with your Preferred Sitter through our Time To Pet App, you will either be confirmed with that person or assigned to another Walker. (You will have a chance to meet with anyone who will have access to your home or pets and decide whether you are comfortable with them.)
  • You will enter your Pet’s information and can easily update when there are changes in care. (This is an important part of getting the best possible care.)
  • After your Walk, you will receive an electronic visit report to include GPS tracking and details about the visit.
  • Invoicing is done via email and you can pay online through your portal with Credit/Debit/EFT.

I will personally always be available to you to discuss concerns or strategies for making your pet’s and family’s experience the best that it can be!

Working Effectively with your Pet Care Specialist

  • Make sure you communicate the commands or training techniques that you employ with your dog. There is a space for this in our app, and you and your Pet Care Specialist can easily update it as time goes on. This creates consistency for your dog. 
  • Be up front with your Pet Care Specialist about any behavior issues that you or others have encountered with your pet. In almost all cases there is a  way to work through the behavior and have a great experience, you may just need to try different walkers until your find a good fit for your pet. Sometimes we customize introductions so that the Regular Pet Care Specialist can accompany the new one for several walks until the dog(s) are comfortable with the Walker. It is up to you if you think that it is worth the extra work or if you want to try someone else to see if there is a more natural fit. 
  • Plan strategies for dealing with harsh weather. You want both your Pet Care Specialist and your Pet to be happy and healthy! Make sure you have negotiated things like short walks with play time for days when there is steady rain or snow, freezing temperatures, extreme heat, or any other weather that you would not be walking around for a half an hour in. Also, if you are away for what to do if extreme snow or hazardous conditions make it impossible for your Pet Care Specialist to make it to your home. Examples may include a friend or neighbor who could take the dog out quickly. It is always best to be overprepared! Make sure you communicate your expectations and are open to your Pet Care Specialist’s concerns.
  • Make sure your Pet Care Specialist knows where your equipment for clearing snow is and negotiate either added time to clear snow or for the provider to take the time out of the planned visit.
  • Finally, make sure that you have the following easily accessible to your Pet Care Specialist:
    • A towel for drying a wet or muddy dog.
    • Wipes for wiping your pup’s paws after walking on salted pavement.
    • A first aid kit in case of an emergency or minor injury to either your pet or the person caring for them.

Seasonal Pet Care Tips: Spring or Summer

In Northern Virginia it is difficult to know what each day will bring weather wise during the Spring season. From days that feel like Fall to days that feel like deep Summer. 

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