We offer Dog Training in Northern Virginia focusing on Dog Training in Fairfax County. You can choose from in home, virtual, or on-site training at our Great Falls campus. To learn about our Training methods and philosophy, check out our page on Positive Reinforcement Dog Training.

We offer either Private or Group Classes. Watch this space for expanding Group Class opportunities!

  • Private Classes can take place either at our NOVA training location: Seventh Heaven Pet Care Great Falls Dog Training Facility or in your home.
    • For reactivity training, we will also meet at local parks and other off-site locations to work around distractions. The best experience is had when the training team participates in the training process. We work together to learn and then practice the skills.
    • I also offer a hybrid private training package where I will work with your dog and every third session we will meet to go over the behaviors that have been taught and how to make sure you are using the same cues and techniques. If you have a dog walker or family members that help with your dog, they are welcome to join in as well!
    • We can meet for an initial consultation to figure out which format or location works best for you and your dog. 
  • Group Classes: We will be offering Group Reactivity Classes for clients who have been working on skills in private training sessions to get more controlled exposure and practice to generalize the behaviors that we train in private sessions.
    • Puppy and Basic Manners classes will be offered once it cools down. It is simply too hot to hold classes at this time. You can get on the mailing list by filling out a CONTACT FORM and we will let you know as soon as classes begin enrollment. 

Below is a list of offerings. 

Dog Training Tricks

The Initial Consultation

All Private Clients must first schedule an Initial Consultation. This appointment is a chance for us to meet and for me to meet and evaluate your dog. We will go through some basic information about training and create both a draft Management Plan and Training Plan, which will include setting reasonable expectations for your dog and setting her up for success during the training process. The appointment generally lasts about 1 hour. This will give you a chance to evaluate me as well and make sure you want to jump in and start training! 

I am available to do consultations for dog training in Fairfax County and further out in Northern Virginia based on availability. I prefer to do the Initial Consultation in your home to get a feel for the issues that you are dealing with and if your dog has fear related issues, the consultation is often best done virtually to minimize the stress on your companion while we talk through your needs. 


After The Initial Consultation

After the Initial Consultation, we can decide which program will work best for your dog. Here is a basic outline of the programs available: 

Private Dog Training Classes In Your Home or On Site in Fairfax County

Dog Training Friends Learning Sit

Private Classes

If you are looking for a structured class but are not able to fit group classes or the location of the group class in Fairfax County does not fit into your schedule. Maybe your pup is a little fearful, or health issues prevent group participation. Private classes offer the chance to learn the content without the complications. 

Private Puppy Class or Welcome Home!

This is a class for new dog owners whether your dog is a puppy or a little bit older rescue (old dogs can learn new tricks!), this class offers the following:

    • Create a Management Plan for in the home and on the road. 
    • Troubleshoot issues from housetraining to nipping, jumping up and everything in between. 
    • Work on basic impulse control exercises and leash skills.
    • Introduce training concepts and start working on basic behaviors.

Five 45-minute sessions: $400.00

Foundations and Basic Manners

This class is designed to teach you and your dog the skills needed to begin Basic Training and then move on to teaching Basic commands.

  • You will learn the mechanics of clicker training and teach your dog to understand the clicker as a marker for behavior that you want to see!
  • You will learn basic Defensive Leash Handling techniques.
  • You will learn the Foundational Skills needed to build a good connection with your dog in the home and on the road.
  • You will begin training basic behaviors such as Sit, Down, Come, Wait, Drop, Leave It! and Stay.
  • You will learn some fun games to play with your dog.

Seven 1-hour sessions: $560.00

Nova scotia duck tolling retriever dog

Loose Leash Walking Boot Camp

Tired of being pulled down the street and around the neighborhood?  Northern Virginia and especially Fairfax County can be busy places to walk your dog! Maybe your pup needs some help to make the walk relaxing for you and enriching for them. We can teach your dog Loose Leash walking in Five easy sessions! 

You will also learn Defensive Dog Walking techniques and some fun leash games! 

We will introduce off-leash techniques such as Wait, Heel with no leash and more. 

Five 45-minute sessions: $400.00

Custom Private Individual Training Dog Training in Fairfax County and the Surrounding Area

Private Individual Training Sessions are designed to accommodate busy schedules and work with specific sets of issues using positive reinforcement behavioral modification techniques.

Private Dog Training Sessions are available throughout Fairfax County and in some cases outside of Fairfax County. Availability is based on scheduling and if you are willing to come to the Great Falls Training Facility, we are happy to have you! 

We can decide which track you will be on with Private training after the Initial Consultation. 

Basic Private Individual Training

This training is designed for dealing with basic behavior issues. We will design a custom plan to work through your dog’s issues. It is very helpful to have the whole training team involved in this type of training. That way we can ensure that the dog is getting the same information from all of the members of the household! 

These sessions are offered in the Hybrid training model where you purchase a package and the trainer works one-on-one with your dog, leaving detailed notes, videos, and training plans after each session. You attend every third session to learn how to cue the behavior, practice with the dog so that I can troubleshoot, and make sure your training team has all of the information that they need. 

Basic Custom Training Sessions are designed to deal with common problems such as:

  • Barking
  • Jumping up on things or people
  • Fear of noises or things such as thunderstorms or trailers (yes… I worked with a dog who was afraid of trailers!! Landscaping season was hard on him.)
  • Escaping or Recall
  • Crate training
  • Property destruction
  • Learning to be around different types of people
  • Trouble getting along with other pets
Two dogs and a person standing
Advanced Individual Training

Advanced Training is more expensive because there are more equipment considerations and we will be working with my dogs or training assistants in the process of working through the issues that your pup has. 

In some cases, you will be referred to a Veterinary Behaviorist or to talk to your Veterinarian to facilitate working with advanced aggression issues by prescribing medication in order to help your dog get to a place where they will be able to learn. Sometimes this is a necessary step.

Advanced Custom Training deals with issues such as: 

  • On & Off Leash Reactivity
  • Issues related to Socialization Deficits (common post Covid)
  • Fear based behavior
  • Over excitement either in the home or on leash.
  • Guarding or Aggression (Depending on the severity you may be advised to seek help from a Veterinary Behaviorist before starting private training.)
  • Separation Anxiety 
    • These classes require either human or canine assistants. In the case of Separation Anxiety, there is daily contact and follow up required.
    • All sessions require Owner participation. 
    • Most involve a hybrid model, meeting in your home, on site at the training facility, and field trips to local parks.

The initial consultation will help determine which track you and your dog will be on. 

Sessions are sold in packages of 5-10 sessions. You can purchase the sessions in singles at a slightly higher price, but I require committing to a package for Advanced Training since none of the issues covered will be resolved in less than 5-10 sessions.

A girl and two dogs sitting on chairs

Group Classes

We are currently on a break from Group Classes until the heat breaks since the training room is not air conditioned. You can fill out a CONTACT FORM so that you will be first to know when classes resume. 

Once they begin, you will be able to find out more on the NOVA Group Dog Training Page.