George is in need of a
loving home!

George lost his owner suddenly on Jan 22. He is a sweet male tabby who is an indoor cat and has been living in an Assisted Living facility with his owner. He is very friendly and well behaved. He is getting along with my dog so far. More  &  Updated Information Below.

Cat Sitting is more than just sitting!

Having  cats all of my life has led me to appreciate them for all of their moods, personalities and needs, which makes cat sitting fun and rewarding! Check this page periodically for great tips and tricks as well as product reviews from myself, clients, and other feline friends! 

 Our cat sitting service includes:  

  • Feeding and changing water (it is important not just to fill the water bowl, but to rinse out the slime layer that develops daily.)
  • Scooping/ Cleaning the litter box, including wiping down the entry points and cleaning the area around the box. (Clients will give Pet Sitters a schedule for cleaning vs. scooping.)
  • For social cats, playtime, including the sitter bringing a new toy for your kitty to enjoy for regular or extended trips.
  • For quiet kitties, the Sitter will just be a quiet presence after getting through the feeding a cleaning duties and if you would like will put on some soft music before leaving. 
You can request a Cat Sitter who is able to administer medication orally, via subcutaneous injection, and i.v. drip. 
We look forward to working with you and your kitties!

EcoFriendly Cat Litter Options

  • Wheat & Corn Based: Clumping & Flushable.

    • SWheat Scoop
    • World’s Best Cat Litter
    • Arm & Hammer Naturals
  • Pine & Cedar: Naturally scented for odor control, clumping

    • Nature’s Miracle Pine
    • Feline Pine
    • Simply Pine
    • Tidy Cats Pure
  • Recycled Newspaper: Usually a pellet, some cats might not like the texture.

    • Yesterday’s News

Single Serve Cat Foods That are Nutritionally Balanced
More Detailed Analysis to come...

  • Sheba Perfect Portions
  • Meow Mix Simple Servings
  • Fancy Feast Purely Pleasing
  • Nutro Perfect Proportions